Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Contributions by Japanese authors in Bentham Science journal ‘Current Organic Synthesis’

Synthesis of Asymmetric Diaryl Sulfides by SNAr Reaction of Substituted Nitrobenzene with Aryl Disulfides

Author(s): Naoki EnjoRong Lu and Tetsuo Miyakoshi.
Abstract: A series of sulfides was successfully synthesized from nitroarenes by SNAr reaction via elimination of a nitro or phenylsulfonyl group. The SNAr reaction mechanism is found to depend on the position and type of substituents, and the effect of two-electron withdrawing groups was also examined.

Two Neglected Multicomponent Reactions: Asinger and Groebke Reaction for Constructing Thiazolines and Imidazolines

Author(s)Zai-Qun Liu.
Abstract: The multicomponent reaction (MCR) is an important research field in the organic synthetic methodology. In 1956, Professor Friedrich Asinger reported a method for synthesizing thiazoline scaffold, in which a ketone was treated by sulfur and ammonia in one-pot operation. In 1998, Professor Katrin Groebke, Hugues Bienayme, and Christopher Blackburn reported a method for preparing imidazo[1,2-a]pyridine, in which an annulation took place among α- aminopyridine, aldehyde, and isocyanide in one-pot operation, and then the reaction was entitled as Groebke reaction. Comparing with the bloom in the research of other MCRs such as Strecker (found in 1850), Hantzsch (1882), Biginelli (1891), Mannich (1912), Passerini (1921) and Ugi (1959) MCR, as newcomers in the family of MCR, Asinger and Groebke reactions are not reported as usually as other MCRs. The aim of the present review is to emphasize the importance of these two MCRs in the synthesis of thiazolines and imidazolines. 

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